A Little Nature in Parkville

A post-Thanksgiving stroll through the Woods

We headed out for an afternoon hike away from the shopping crowds just after Thanksgiving. Weather equally aqually as temperate as the year before at 15 C, the sun beamed out of sunny blue skies again this November, in our new post-Thanksgiving tradition.

The option to travel a few hours out of town was off the table, but this little spot is within easy reach, less than 15 km away. The Parkville Nature Sanctuary wildlife preserve and educational site is developed and maintained by the City of Parkville and various volunteers. It covers 115 acres and hosts nearly 5 km of trails.

A good portion of the land was once land used by Park College, enabling students to literally work their way through school. They milked cows, tended orchards and gardens, in support of the college and the student body, in a bit of a self-sustaining community.

We followed the larger loop, which includes the White Tail and Old Kate trails, about 3.5 km. The trek passes along ridges of suburban forest, and wanders down into the wetlands below the nearby dam. 

The White Tail trail is a more traditional packed earth and stone path, following the ridgeline around and down into the valley. The remainder of the trails are wide, gravel covered or wood decking.

The White Alloe Creek cascade is easily accessible by way of the Old Kate Trail, though is likely a more beautiful sight to see when the Spring rains come.

Located right in the middle of downtown Parkville, it is an interesting little escape from the city, and perfect just about any age or skill level. The suburban McMansions can sometimes be seen through the trees in the fall, along with the buzz of nearby traffic heard primarily near the trailhead. Deep along the trail, it all kind of fades away though.
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